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Open Day Sat 5 December

Join us Saturday 5 December!

From 9am-12 we are open for on-campus visitors (COVID compliant).

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Thanks a Million


Join us as we launch our Thanks a Million Campaign which will run from Woman’s Day until 30 September 2020 (extended until end of the year)

During these strange and uncertain times, we have seen people from all walks of life come together in support of others in need. We have seen Community Action Networks and soup kitchens spring up, showing the care and concern of individuals for their neighbours and for people they do not know. There is a deep sense of Ubuntu living within people for their communities in South Africa.

As lockdown continues, with entire families increasingly affected by reduced income, retrenchments, and the strain of physical distancing and online learning, social injustices are more clearly evident. Lockdown is deepening the divide between the people who have and the people who don’t. Students cannot pay their fees.

At the Centre for Creative Education, where 90% of our students are women, we have made rapid adjustments to the pandemic. We have moved to online training, assisted students with data, food, given payment holidays and fee reductions, to support their ongoing education. We already raise R4 Million for bursaries each year as our students cannot access funds made available to students studying at other South African public universities. This is not enough.

You can help them.

Be one of the 1000 people to donate R1000 to raise R1 Million towards supporting our students.

Our country needs teachers. We believe that teachers hold the future within their classrooms in their communities. We believe that inspired teachers engage with children in a caring, creative way to bring out the best in each child. We need great teachers. Now more than ever.

Share our campaign with your family and friends. Invite them to share it on their networks in SA and abroad. Donate individually or club together with your friends.

All contributors will get a Section 18A tax certificate.

For companies, we are certified as a Level 1 BBBEE contributor under the Socio-Economic Development pillar. 

“It is important that we discover an educational method where people learn to learn and go on learning their whole lives.”

Rudolf Steiner 

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Friends of CCE

Standard Bank 

Savings account

Acc no. 0273624849

Reference: TaMillion and your name

 Please send POP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be thanked and receive your Section 18A tax certificate.

Registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training 2000/HE08/003

NPO 007 349          NPC 1997/21076/08          PBO 930005582          B-BBEE Level 1

Open Days

If you are considering joining one of our programmes, or just generally interested in what we do, a visit to one of our Open Days will be an important step. Our doors are open between 9 am and 12 noon, so feel free to pay us a visit on one of these Saturdays.

Speaking to staff members and students and looking at the work done by students will give you a good impression of our approach. This impression can be taken further by booking an interview, which we always have with prospective applicants. You can also book an interview if you are not able to attend the Open Day.

The Open Days to be held during 2020 are:

  • 18 July (Webinar held, videos still available)
  • 12 September
  • 10 October
  • 7 November
  • 5 December

A snapshot

The Centre for Creative Education is an independent, non-profit, Waldorf-inspired institution based in Cape Town, South Africa. We seek to transform individuals and society by training teachers and performing artists, running a primary school in Khayelitsha, and lending support to over 25 schools in various ways. This happens locally and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. We emphasize artistic creation as a central component of learning and health, and a means of profoundly engaging the liberal arts and sciences, social cohesion and well-rounded thinking.

Accredited qualifications with a difference

Children who learn in a creative way love the school experience. Creativity awakens curiosity, enthusiasm, the wish to discover and to work together with others. It integrates head, heart and hands, making all learning meaningful and enjoyable. Based on Waldorf Education, which aims to develop independent and free human beings, the qualifications are valid in all South African schools, whether state (public) schools, independent schools or Waldorf Schools. Children need inspiring and creative teachers! Click here for more

Teacher Training curriculum emphasizes hands-on artistic experience

Experiential, interdisciplinary learning is a key feature of the training programme. Clay modeling is one of the many artistic forms that are a vital part classroom activity. Academic learning is supported by experiential hands-on processes that turn theory into one's own experience: group work, artistic expression, individual exercise, and practical application.

Studies include using the imagination, music, movement, painting and drawing, arts and crafts, speech, drama and storytelling. These are essential tools for creative teaching that make learning a joy for children at school.

Form and Freedom

Free Spirit

It's a beautiful day
To wake up singing another
African song
Sharing a melody, a smile and words in style ...

I stand before you ma-Afrika
Like I did the other day
When I told you of Ancient Evenings
Now it's a new day.

- Vocalist diva Sibongile Khumalo, from her CD entitled Immortal Secrets, Sony 2000