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ECD students show love of learning

The women who participate in the Centre for Creative Education early childhood development training are typically already working in an educare centre. Every day they are caring for and helping shape the lives of our children, ages six months to six years. So when they come to the classroom, they bring a wealth of experience to bear on some of the more abstract concepts of the programme. Understanding ourselves as human beings is taught alongside learning to tell stories, good nutrition and creating a safe and wholesome physical space. We invite you to read the description of course modules.

An Overview

The first seven years of a child's life are marked by a sense of wonder and natural curiosity. In these crucial years one develops the skills, human relationships, and attitudes to learning that are needed for a full life. Knowing this, we offer training programmes that enable teachers to nurture and guide children with loving confidence through these vital years.
In our training programme you will learn:

  • How children's senses are awakened to the world around them, and how to meet their developmental needs stage by stage, equipping them for life and learning
  • How to establish a loving and creative atmosphere in which to nourish the children's natural reverence for the goodness of life
  • How to guide children to become individual, thinking, independent human beings in society

Our training offers detailed information on both child development and on the practicalities of establishing your own programme for a creative and holistic teaching practise. Experience the wonders of childhood through art, movement, music, story-making and -telling, handwork and craft – and feel empowered so you can share your enthusiasm with the children in your care