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Maria Msebenzi

The love expressed by young explorers goes beyond boundaries of one's wits. I was touched by that love on my journey searching for knowledge about childhood experiences.

To become an educare trainer I had to remember and re-learn these experiences sitting, crawling, how to stand and how to be a free human being. These exciting experiences as an adult left me with questions:

How one knows without searching
How one knows without seeking
How one knows without questioning
How one understands without listening
How one remembers without experiencing

To dive into this ocean with caressing waves I had to let go of what holds and swim to the unknown searching for answers.

Of course I have to find out who am I. But I know from what is written in my birth certificate that I was born in 1964 on a farm in Dodrecht, where my first life cycle began. Then I moved to urban area Cape Town, where I came across Waldorf Education.

My present journey as an educare trainer holds two juggling balls - the future of a young child and its teacher.

Eefka Young

Many years ago Eefka Young started in the Waldorf Constantia School here in Cape Town, newly fledged out of University clutching a B.A. Degree, with geography, English and Xhosa as a third language. Later she did an astronomy course, which to this day is one of her major interests. Initially she taught geography and astronomy in the high school, then added African language as a third language. In 1980 she and a Xhosa colleague introduced third language studies into the primary school.

Out of this work a new interest and impulse developed in Eefka's life: she wanted to find out more about life in the townships and about the people working and living there. After 22 years of being a Waldorf teacher, she left and went to join the Centre for Creative Education!

Together with other colleagues, Eefka teaches women who wish to become Educare teachers. These women come from various cultural and religious backgrounds in the townships. In addition, she serves as adjunct faculty with the Teacher Training course (primary school level), presenting modules in African intsomi, geography and astronomy.

Zoleka Khutshwa

I am Zoleka Khutshwa, who was born in Cofimvaba in Eastern Cape, in 25 May 1963. I got my schooling from primary to high school level. In 1984 I came to Cape Town to meet my husband for he was permanently employed there. I had two children at that time and I gave birth to another two, one in 1987 and another in 1992. In 1988 my husband lost his job and I stopped being a housewife. I started to work as a charwoman / domestic worker until my last child was three years.

In 1994, I volunteered in one of the government pre-schools called Eyethu Pre-school in township. I joined and I was fully involved in development of the child. I started to participate to the child development courses, including Educare course at the Centre for Creative Education. I worked in that pre-school for five years.

In 1998 I was appointed at the Centre for Creative Education as a fieldworker and got training as a trainer as well. I worked as a trainer for four years and in 2002 and 2003 I worked as a Kindergarten teacher in Dassenberg Waldorf School in Atlantis to seek for an experience in Waldorf approach. I came back again to the Centre for Creative Education in 2004 to continue with the Educare training.

Since I am so passionate from what I am doing, I opened up my little Educare behind my house. It operates there from 2000 with a support of the Centre for Creative Education. I guarantee a great success for a piece of land has now been granted to this Educare Centre called Ikwezi Lokusa Educare.

I am very motivated by the Centre for Creative Education by giving me a lot of opportunities, and I have being registered at the University of the Western Cape through Recognition of Prior Learning. Now I am doing Adult Education course based on what I am doing in my training programmes.