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Excerpts from the 2020 Graduation Performance

Dance to the Rhythms of Life

Eurythmy is the dynamic new Art of Movement that seeks to make the Sounds of Speech, and the elements of Music Visible. It is a Dance to the Rhythms of Life. Established in Europe it now wishes to meet the South African public with its interesting and unique ability to expose the Soul through the Human Instrument.

This Art Form teaches absolute awareness of Being, and Body language. It is an Expression of energy in motion, come to life through Poetry, Prose, Dramatic works and Music. Eurythmy works on a deep level with our Emotions. It stimulates the Body, Mind and Spirit, enabling us to meet the challenges of modern life. In this way Eurythmy is not only a Performing Art and Educational Tool, but a Therapy as well.

Graduates have the opportunity to further their careers on Stage, in the Classroom, in Business, Community Work or in a Healing Capacity. The Kairos Eurythmy training is now offering a BA Degree Course full time or part time. Workshops are also on offer for all age groups wishing to develop their Individual and Social Skills. "Bring your Creative and Dynamic Self to Full Expression."

This Training is a fully integrated Arts course in Music and Speech Eurythmy. Modules also include Painting, Choir Work, Music Theory, as well as Philosophy, Anatomy, History of Arts and Anthropology.

Who is Kairos?

Kairos is the Greek God who embodies "the fulfilled moment in time." Our vision of training and performance embodies the stream of time, bearing the ever-moving qualities of past, present and future.

In the cycles of life, as in nature, humanity and the cosmos, the question of centre and periphery remains constantly before us. Through eurythmy movements and gestures we seek to bring about a unity of polarities, and ever-consciously to enliven and renew the creative processes of life.