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All the World's a Stage

We are an artistic group of teachers and qualified Eurythmists wishing to bring this dynamic new art of movement onto the stages of South Africa and into the lives of all cultural groups in this country. One main production is performed each year in and around South Africa with shorter works available for conferences and seasonal events.

To Be? or Not to Be? – Shakespeare in Me

Our most recent production showed through music, movement, speech and drama, how the various Shakespearian archetypes reside in the human being's soul. From the dark forces of the witches of Macbeth, accompanied by the music of Mussorgsky, through the murder of Macduff's son with music by Chatachurijan. Lady Macbeth and Julius Caesar, the Quality of Mercy and Hamlet, all make their appearance. The fairies from the Midsummer Nights Dream weave magic, cause havoc and 'play' with each others feelings. The fool in us emerges in Pryamus and Thisby as they attempt to conduct a relationship through a 'chink' in the wall and we are reminded yet again that against all odds, 'Love will find a Way' when Romeo and Juliet, find each other and are swept into their love song with the music of Chopin. Miranda who has faced the Tempest encourages us to see the Goodness and Beauty in Humanity, as we look towards a 'Brave New World' with the music from Dvoraks New World Symphony.