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Silke Sponheuer, Department Head

Silke Sponheuer has been teaching children, training teachers and performing eurythmy since 1983. Her work includes 17 years as a trainer at the world-renowned Eurythmy School-Hamburg in Germany, and many years as a performance artist throughout Europe and South Africa. During her years in Germany she was part of a consulting body for The Alternative Bank, where she used eurythmy as a medium for organisational development.


In 1998 Silke initiated Kairos Eurythmy Training in Cape Town. In addition to training students for formal Eurythmy qualifications, her vision has included classes and workshops for the general public and for organisations.

Silke on eurythmy: "I see in Eurythmy the creative tool to experience the values of our humanity. For me Eurythmy offers an empowering artistic, self-developmental, community building way to counterbalance all the onslaughts we are faced with in our lives – including the daily schemes of stress and over-business, and the challenges within ourselves up to the big demanding world events.

My special interest lies in the connection of Eurythmy and Music, exploring the close relationship all music stirs for expressive movement. This led me to embark on the research project for my Masters degree at the University of Cape Town in 2009. The theme of the project was "Expression of Music through the movements of Tone-Eurythmy" and included various choreography principles for an artistic presentation.

Silke graduated in 2009 with distinction. Download her thesis (PDF, 8MB - large file): Music made visible in time and space: Concepts of simultaneity in tone-eurythmy choreography.

Michelle Kaplan

Michelle experienced eurythmy throughout her childhood in a Waldorf school in Cape Town. After completing her eurythmy training, she joined various performing groups, which included a tour in Russia, then became a permanent member of the Goetheanum Stage Group in Dornach, Switzerland. Over the years she has performed and held workshops in Europe and South Africa, taught in Eurythmy schools in Switzerland and England, and given Eurythmy to children in Waldorf schools.

Michelle now devotes her time to adults through the Centre for Creative Education, both in the Teacher Training programme and in Kairos Eurythmy Training. Her deep involvement in The Kairos Eurythmy Dance Company's artistic productions is leading her to seek closer relationships and interactions with other dance, drama and music companies.

When asked her opinion of eurythmy as an art form, Michelle commented, "My relationship with Eurythmy seems to grow deeper every day. I never cease to be amazed and delighted at the rich, fresh experiences it continues to offer. It inspires and motivates my creativity and constantly convinces me of its ability to be the synthesis of all arts – in my opinion it is a key to the ´art of life´ itself!"