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Open Day Webinar Sat 18 July 2020

At the Open Day Webinar we held on 18th July 2020 we shared a set of videos that together give a very comprehensive impression and lots of information about our Centre and the courses we offer. In case you have missed the webinar, you can still watch the videos! Here are the links.

A snapshot

The Centre for Creative Education is an independent, non-profit, Waldorf-inspired institution based in Cape Town, South Africa. We seek to transform individuals and society by training teachers and performing artists, running a primary school in Khayelitsha, and lending support to over 25 schools in various ways. This happens locally and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. We emphasize artistic creation as a central component of learning and health, and a means of profoundly engaging the liberal arts and sciences, social cohesion and well-rounded thinking.

All teaching and learning currently online

In a short space of time, our students and staff have had to adapt to online teaching and learning, while we follow the COVID-19 lockdown regulations. We have found workable combinations of presenting and teaching work to students, through video, audio, and reading materials, in addition to live online classes and group activities. In this way we have ensured that all students have been able to continue their training and we are proud of the resilience of our students and staff in making the best out of our present situation.

While we have managed well with online connectivity, assisting students with overcoming various data-related challenges, our biggest concern is maintaining true human connection going forward.  Humans are social beings and adults and children learn best through social engagement. While we acknowledge the benefits of digital technology, and we appreciate that it keeps us connected when we are physically isolated from each other, it cannot be a substitute for real human in-person interaction and learning. 

We look forward to returning to classroom situations where lecturers and students may experience  class camaraderie and opportunities to continue developing their social skills, practical professional skills and responsible human values.

Following the developments in terms of COVID-19 restriction levels, we currently work with skeleton staff at our premises, with the majority of our staff working from home, in full compliance with COVID-19 related regulations.

We will increase our presence at our premises in phases, following suggested guidelines. 

For more info about COVID-19 see

Accredited qualifications with a difference

Children who learn in a creative way love the school experience. Creativity awakens curiosity, enthusiasm, the wish to discover and to work together with others. It integrates head, heart and hands, making all learning meaningful and enjoyable. Based on Waldorf Education, which aims to develop independent and free human beings, the qualifications are valid in all South African schools, whether state (public) schools, independent schools or Waldorf Schools. Children need inspiring and creative teachers! Click here for more

Teacher Training curriculum emphasizes hands-on artistic experience

Experiential, interdisciplinary learning is a key feature of the training programme. Clay modeling is one of the many artistic forms that are a vital part classroom activity. Academic learning is supported by experiential hands-on processes that turn theory into one's own experience: group work, artistic expression, individual exercise, and practical application.

Studies include using the imagination, music, movement, painting and drawing, arts and crafts, speech, drama and storytelling. These are essential tools for creative teaching that make learning a joy for children at school.

Form and Freedom

Free Spirit

It's a beautiful day
To wake up singing another
African song
Sharing a melody, a smile and words in style ...

I stand before you ma-Afrika
Like I did the other day
When I told you of Ancient Evenings
Now it's a new day.

- Vocalist diva Sibongile Khumalo, from her CD entitled Immortal Secrets, Sony 2000