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Learning from a person, not from software or videos

Each teacher knows that his or her role in the process of children’s learning is crucial. The interaction between a teacher and the children is a human encounter with essential qualities, which include interest, motivation, reviewing progress and being an example of an adult from whom the child may observe human values in action. Good teachers know how to inspire pupils, to activate them and to give them the challenge they need.

Learning from technological equipment soon turns into the opposite of the above. When a video replaces human interaction, people tend to become passive recipients. In educational software pupils are taken through learning activities that may intend to activate them, but in fact hold their attention superficially, merely asking for correct commands. As a result, all these technology-based learning moments are lacking the full-life experience that a teacher can achieve with pupils: namely that there are things that are worth learning, we practise them together and we become pleased with our achievements. In fact, the technology steers the children away from the teacher, as they become accustomed to passive ‘infotainment’ and find it more and more challenging to engage with the teacher afterwards.