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Say NO to enforcing coding and robotics and ICT-based learning on young children

This document has been written as a strong plea to stop ICT-based learning and lessons in coding and robotics in all primary schools.

High school students can easily learn how to use computers as a tool for gathering and processing information, but do not need to become computer programmers. Primary pupils learn better from their teachers than from technological gadgets, and the detrimental effect of programmatic thinking on children’s developing brain makes compulsory coding an unwanted activity for our children that we must prevent from being introduced.

We urge the Department of Basic Education to turn away from the draft plans, as to avoid that the nation’s children are subjected, compulsorily, to this highly questionable approach. We need to insist that South Africa lives up to its constitution, which allows Freedom of Education that enables parents and educators to make wise choices for the children in their care.