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1. Ilitha Educare

As a old woman I attended various empowerment meetings and discovered that there was a concern from the community that there people need some services especial caring as most parents are working and others looking jobs and others busy building up small business.

I discovered that most children are playing in the streets and could be easy infected by diseases and accidents on the roads. I started with eighteen children of which most were taken from the streets. I had this courage from the parents to give me their children as some had serious problem of unemployment and most were not managing to pay fees although they were the lowest.

Children - Staff: 60 - 5
Year founded: before 2001
Principal: Noma-India Pauline Jali
Telephone: 021-387-4556
Physical address: A 443 Mthombo Street, Site C
Khayelitsha 7784
Registration: 008-211 NPO

2. Inkwenkwezi Educare

 We seek to address the needs of educare and education in Khayelitsha. In recent years we have been accounting lot of problems in our areas in terms of get our children decent education. A large number of children were being left behind the classroom doors because of lack of funds and this is why the existence of educare is trying to address those issues. The aftercare for mothers that are still at work till 19h00 also hampers our budget to compensate the teachers who are looking after the children.

nurturing arms crossed

Children - Staff: 72 - 7
Year founded: 1995
Principal: Elsie Tabatso
Telephone: 021-361-6080
Physical address: W365 Site B
Landzela Crescent
Khayelitsha 7784
Registration: 008-059 NPO

3. Iphuphalam Educare Centre

 Primary aims of our centre are to protect children, to provide proper standard of care, upkeep of the premises, educate parents about their children, sit and guard educational educational foundation, transporting them to an from, and prepare the children to receive an education that will lead new future society. We have 3 teachers to Waldorf CCE, send parents twho are unemployed to financial and management workshop, to uplift or gain understanding of how handle finance.

Children - Staff: 90 - 6
Founded: January 1995
Principal: Nomakhaya Rubusana
Telephone: 072-502-8540
Physical address: No. 63 Bizet Street
Delft South 7100
Registration: 023-435 NPO

4. Masakhe Educare Centre

Child care - there were lots of children roaming the streets, so we saw fit to open an educare. After having a meeting with our street chairperson and the community, everyone agreed. We looked for unemployed woment to act as teachers. Later on we sent them to training.

Because of development we enlarged our structure. Today we have a hall and a kitchen attached to a container. Having two extra last teachers with a good participation of paarents but each time a child is fed or made feel secure, or community or persons rediscover their joint capacity to care for the young, the joy at Masakhe consumes that pain, and re-creates it into new energies to deal with fresh pains, and again to encounter new experiences of lives through the educare centre operating at grassroots level.

The future --

  1. I would like to have enough space so that we can accomodate more children and so that more children can learn the Waldorf way.
  2. To have enough room for Aids patients
  3. To have staff trained to handle Aids patients
  4. To have space for our garden
Children: 84
Staff Paid + Volunteer: 5 + 3
Founded: March 1998
Principal: Nomvula Qosha
Telephone: 021-386-5345
Physical address: 12 Gawuleteta Street
KTC 7755
Registration: C6334

5. Nontsebenziswano Educare Centre

 "We give them Love and Care." We are a full time pre-school centre, caring and tutoring up to 200 pre-school children, which is divided into babies and pre-school children from a community of working parents, some of which is unemployed. We care, love and teachthe chilren to prepare them for their school years ahead. Our Management Committee consists of parents of the crèches's children, which have knowledge and skills infundraising which is advantageous to our pre-school.

The Principle was recently selected to undergo a management course as the NGO's commented that the management committee should also be steered in the direction of financial management and maintaining the project in order to succeed in our goals.

Here are a few of the activities our our centre:

  • Take the children for outings
  • Provide teacher trainings
  • Educate the parents about the child development and teaching methods
Children - Staff: 90 - 7
Founded: 1991
Principal: Engelina Jama
Telephone: 021-371-0381
Physical address: 1855 Sagwityi Street
Philippi 7785
Registration: 008-944 NPO

6. Siphamandla Educare

  This organasation started in 1995 we have got a lot of children with 4 teachers we were very proud of this we have got committee about 8 members. We trained from grassroots with level (3)

We trained in Woldorf now we proud more noledge we see where we are doing we have a lot of skils ... our children now are developing a lot from woldorf we the teachers and committee thank-you very much about your help the only problem is the small enviroment but we are still in process of the plot. We pray God must be with us this work of keeping chirdon from the abuse.

Primary objectives

  1. educate children and feed them
  2. keep babies away from abuse
  3. take children to clinic when they are sick

The future

  1. I've got a plot, in that plot we need a structure, jungle gym, fencing, so that children can have enough space to develop and play.
  2. We need 5 teachers because we may be have 100 children

Implementation Strategy -- By looking for funding and making concerts for parents to develop our community

Children - Staff: 45 - 3 (+ 1 volunteer)
Founded: 1995
Principal: Virginia Takata
Telephone: 021-386-4993
Physical address: Bester Homes No. 856
Old Crossroads 7755
Registration: 033-589 NPO

7. Siyakha Educare Centre

 The educare was founded by Mrs. Iris N. Malgas. The educare was established in 1997, with few number of children involved in the project. I sat down and thought about this and I thought that forming an educare would solve existing problems of the community. As an grown up person I have attended various workshops and empowerment meetings and discovered that there was a concern from the community that their children need some special caring as most parents are working and others looking for jobs.

Nature table

Our target [market] is to admit the children of between the age of 1 - 6 years. Most of them are from disadvantaged areas, which makes it difficult for their parents to pay their monthly fees so we do not ignore the children because we know their parent's challenges.

The future - I plan to work very hard in ensuuring that we get adequate equipment, and other assets to increase the standard of the educare ranging from playing equipment, teaching equipment, classrooms and the related assets to ensure that we achieve our vision.

Picture, above - "Nature table" encourages an attitude of reverence within the child. At the Centre for Creative Education we teach that reverence allows a person to more fully take in the world around, and opens us to productive learning in later years.

Children - Staff: 70 - 5
Founded: 1997
Principal: Nomakhaya Malgas
Telephone: 021-387-0858
Physical address: C549B Site C
Khayelitsha 7784
Registration: 008-140 NPO


8. Strawberry Play Centre

Children - Staff: 65 - 8

Founded: July 1993

Principal: Maraldea Davids

Telephone: 021-691-5043

Physical address: 28 Fourth Avenue
Sherwood Park
Manenberg Athlone 7764

Registration: 035-391 NPO


Primary objectives


  1. Caring for babies up until the age of school going
  2. Offering after care services


  1. To build another section on top of the original building for more space
  2. To have a fence in front of our educare, with a garden
  3. To have a computer for our administration and to train teachers to become computer literate


  1. Host events, for example to run Karaoke evenings, selling second hand clothing, entertaining youngsters, having festivals
  2. Keep the educare open for the December holidays and get extra money for this goal