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Bernard Hurner

Bernard Hurner joined the Centre for Creative Education in 2017. He is not only a highly experienced class teacher, but also a trainer and mentor of many years. Having studied as a musician at the College of Music in Cape Town and in Vienna, he first taught music, as well as woodwork, at the Constantia Waldorf School. After a cycle as a class teacher he then moved over to the Roseway Waldorf School near Durban. At Roseway, Bernard taught two full cycles as well as taking over several classes when a teacher was needed. Since 1997 he was part of the in-house teacher training at the school and a few years later he became the leader of this training programme. He mentored and trained continuously while teaching, and after he finished his last cycle a few years back, he put all his focus on the training.

Bernard then returned to Cape Town and after working at the Imhoff Waldorf School for a year, he joined the Teacher Education programme at the Centre for Creative Education. His deep knowledge of the principles underlying the Waldorf approach, and his many years of experience with its implementation, are a great asset to the programme and its students.