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The Bachelor of Education Degree (B.Ed.)

The B.Ed. degree offered at the Centre for Creative Education is a combined Foundation and Intermediate Phase qualification, allowing you to teach from Grade R to Grade 6. There are advantages in being able to teach across a wide range of ages, such as wider employabilitiy and a more varied (and therefore more exciting) career.

The B.Ed. programme has been fully accredited by the Council on Higher Education's Higher Education Quality Committee (CHE/HEQC) and registered with the Department of Education (certificate 2000 / HE08 / 003), and recognized by the South African Council for Educators (SACE). This backing allows graduates to teach in mainstream schools (public or independent/private), as well as Waldorf schools throughout South Africa.

Full-time or Part-time?

 The full-time programme for the qualification Bachelor of Education takes 4 years. A daily programme of lectures, experiential sessions, teaching practicals, etc. takes place over approximately 9 weeks per term.

The course has also been offered as a 6-year part-time cycle, including a great deal of self-study. Due to insufficient applicant numbers, the part-time programme is currently on hold, but to be able to consider the future of part-time training, we encourage possible applicants to let us know of their wish to study part-time.


Qualifications & accreditation

The degree Bachelor of Education (Foundation and Intermediate Phase) is the nationally recognised qualification for educators in schooling and is accepted for employment in any South African school. The Centre for Creative Education is a fully accredited provider, registered by the Department of Education for the qualifications as shown on certificate number 2000 / HE08 / 003. The degree is also recognised by the South African Council for Educators.

The Waldorf aspect of the Centre's teacher training becomes visible in the qualificationCertificate in Waldorf-Enriched Education, which is integrated in the Centre's BEd programme. This is a SAQA registered qualification, enabling BEd graduates to teach in Waldorf schools. The Southern Africa Federation of Waldorf Schools recognises the certificate as a professional basis for Waldorf educators.