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Bachelor of Education Degree: Course Details

The B.Ed. programme is modular, and students have to complete all modules successfully in order to obtain final qualifications. Assessment criteria have been formulated for all modules, and include a minimum of 80% attendance, completion of all assignments and reaching minimum pass marks (50% unless specified otherwise). Examinations take place twice per year, as part of the assessment of the core modules.

The full-time programme for the qualification Bachelor of Education takes 4 years. A daily programme of lectures, experiential sessions, teaching practicals, etc. takes place over 33 weeks per year, February – November, divided into 4 terms.

The course is also offered as a 6-year part-time cycle, including a great deal of self-study. In the part-time programme, contact sessions take place twice a week during the evenings, as well as during 4 Saturdays per term. Additional support sessions for maths, English and computer skills are offered on further Saturdays. In years 1 – 3 a compulsory full-time week takes place the end of June each year. In the sixth year (part-time), students do an individual piece of research. There are no classes during this year, only supervision / support sessions.

As an integral part of the training, students are expected to do several blocks of teaching practicals (26 weeks in total) in schools, structured as follows:

Practical 1 – Observing and small contributions (2 weeks)
Practical 2 – Teaching parts of lessons (3 weeks)
Practical 3 – Planning and teaching single lessons (3 weeks)
Practical 4 – Teaching over a length of time (3 weeks)

Practicals 5 thru 9 – Teaching at professional level (5 blocks of 3 weeks each, covering a range of 5 learning areas)

Part-time students are expected to make arrangements that will ensure their availability for doing the practicals required at the various stages of the training.

Course structure

The B.Ed. training programme consists of several areas of learning, each with its particular aims in the development of the teacher:

  1. The Arts and Crafts
  2. Education
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Professional Development of the Teacher