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Music made visible in time and space: Concepts of simultaneity in tone-eurythmy choreography by Silke Sponheuer (2009, 148 pages, PDF, 8.7MB - large file)

Waldorf in Africa by Beulah Tertiens-Reeler (2004, 1 page, PDF, 17kb)

The Mystery of Water-Colour by Catherine van Alphen (1999, 3 pages, PDF, 53kb)

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Websites of note

 South Africa

Kolisko pedagogical/medical conference,
Since 1989, interdisciplinary collegial work of teachers, doctors, parents, therapists and curative educators. Recent Kolisko conference hosted here in Cape Town, 2-8 April 2006. Our Centre is contributing to and helping to coordinate followup meetings. Check out the Enrichment section on our site.
Western Cape Education Department,
Thutong, South African Educational Portal,
Requires extensive registration for site access, but contains lots of information about education in South Africa. Resources and tools on curriculum, professional development, administration, and more.
Human Sciences Research Council of SA (HSRC),
SA Dept. of Basic Education,
SA Council for Educators,

Elsewhere (in English)


Waldorf Resources, (Goetheanum)
Created by the Education Department at the Goetheanum on behalf of the International Forum of Steiner Waldorf Schools. Dedicated to supporting Steiner Waldorf Teachers worldwide by providing the best possible resources and articles. The various contributions bear witness to the colourful variety of inspiration which teachers draw from Rudolf Steiner's work.
Online Waldorf Library, (USA)
Useful information for English-speaking Waldorf teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and anyone interested in Waldorf education. Their aim is to make visible all the appropriate resources on Waldorf education that are currently available and to provide information about where these resources can be purchased or obtained.WaldorfWorld, and related BobNancy website, (USA)
Alliance for Childhood, (USA)
Promotes policies and practises that support children's healthy development, love of learning, and joy in living. Includes emphases on technology and children and the importance of play. Worldwide partner organisations in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Thailand and throughout Europe.
SpiritWorking, (USA)
Browse this site to get a feel for the many different types of organisations that share a similar world view with that of our own Waldorf-inspired training here in South Africa. Initiatives abound here in the southern part of the continent.
SteinerBooks, (USA)
Steiner Books sell their own books under Anthroposophic Press, as well as books from a variety of other publishers. Check out their Education Catalogue (download off the home page) to get a feel for topics relating to the Waldorf approach to working with children. You may care to read an article by William Ward on learning to read and write posted on their site, that attempts to demonstrate why
"Waldorf teachers are guided by an overarching principle – to integrate intellectual development with artistic creativity and practical skill. As a pedagogic method, this means that the royal road to awaken thinking and harness the will means engaging the feelings. This educational ideal of balance is supported by contemporary developmental psychology that maps the dynamic interconnections between cognitive development, emotional intelligence, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Finding ways to balance and integrate thinking, feeling, and willing in education through daily practise has important implications for teaching reading in Waldorf schools."
European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education,
Association of Waldorf Schools in North America (AWSNA),