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Zethu Xapa - Administration

      My name is Zethu Xapa and I am originally from the Eastern Cape. I grew up and studied there till grade 12. My first job was in the food industry at Debonairs in Ronderbosch from December 1999. I started as part of the kitchen crew, working myself up to the Management. From 2008 I worked at Romans Pizza in Somerset West as a store manager where I worked until September 2015 then I started at Zenzeleni in January 2016. I enjoy working here and everything is new to me, totally different from what I use to do and looking forward to learn more.

Vathiswa Mali - Secretary

I am Vathiswa Mali and I was born in 1985. I started to work at Zenzeleni on the 27th of January 2014 as a secretary. It has been a great experience working in a Waldorf School and discovering their curriculum that I find so amazing for the development of children. I enjoy my work and I have also learnt so much from the teachers and all the staff. I also love children, they are so amazing and they are the future leaders of our country.

Nokuzola Magdeline Manqindi - Cleaning

I am Nokuzola Magdeline Manqindi and I was born in 1963. I have been working as a cleaner here at Zenzeleni School since July 2014. I started on 3 days a week and now I am working the full 5 days a week. Both of my children were learners here at Zenzeleni Primary School. I enjoy working here and the staff members are very accommodating.

Zukiswa Mani - Cleaning

My name is Zukiswa Mani and I stay in Khayelitsha in F – Section. On the 14.03.1983 I was born in the Eastern Cape, where I went to St. Teresa SSS Secondary School. I have passed my grade 12 in 2005. Since that time I am a cleaner at the school. I like the school itself and working there and have started to do the Early Childhood Development training at the Centre for Creative Education, so I can become a kindergarten teacher in the future. 

Mahlubandile Kaba - Gardening and Maintenance

My name is Mahlubandile Kaba and I was born in Matatiel, Eastern Cape, on the 22.05.1969. Since 2003 I stay in Khayelitsha, Site C. I am the father of Mihlali Kaba. Since 2003 I am working as a caretaker at Zenzeleni School. I like to work at Zenzeleni with both the children and the teachers, all are working together.

Nomathemba Bakana - Eurythmy

       I am Nomathemba Bakana and was born in 1971. I graduated with my Eurythmy  and Primary Teaching Diploma from CCE. I also graduated from the Eurythmy Therapy training at Southern Cross Eurythmy Training. I started working at Harmanus Waldorf School for 12 months and also worked at Dassenberg  Waldorf School for 6 years. I am currently at Khanyisa Waldorf School and Zenzeleni School. I enjoy working with children very much.

Ngubohlanga Felix Soqele - Afrikaans

I am Ngubohlanga Felix Soqele. I assumed my duties as a teacher at Zenzeleni on part time basis on the 4th of February 2014. All along I was in public schools for about 37 years. I am a language teacher teaching Afrikaans in grades 3, 5, 6 and 7 and isiXhosa in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Teaching in a Waldorf school is very exciting and interesting. The creative approach used is the best method I ever came across in my long career as a teacher. It develops and moulds the whole child to be independent and a good researcher. Teaching is just in my blood stream and it’s difficult for me to live without it. Here at Waldorf School I feel very accommodated.

Nosicelo Ntshewula - Reception Year

My name is Nosicelo Ntshequla. I was born in the Eastern Cape in 1973, in a village called Tsomo (Kuze). I came to Cape Town in 1990. I completed my matric at Ikamwalethu Highschool in 1998. After I finished my matric I went to the Centre for Creative Education to study Early Child Development. Now I am a Kindergarden teacher at Zenzeleni School and I enjoy to be a Kindergarden teacher. The children enjoy to be in our Kindergarden.

Tamara Zumana - Class 1

I am Tamara Zumana. I was born in Indwe in the Eastern Cape. I like to play with children and to tell them stories. I enjoy sewing and craft work. When I have some spare time I always make things with my hands. I enjoy socializing with others and especially with my class. I enjoy being with them and I understand them. Teaching helped me a lot. I have learned how to work with different children from different backgrounds.

Nomvuselelo Mqamelo - Class 4

I am 46 years old. I grew up in the outskirts in the former Transkei in the Eastern Cape.

In 1995 I joined Waldorf Education and trained to be a foundation phase teacher. I also did part time in Early Childhood Development in the Waldorf system.

When I completed I got was privileged to teach in the following schools:

- Michael Oak Waldorf School (assisting in Kindergarten for 3 years)

- Gaia Waldorf Kindergarten teacher for 5 years

- Imhoff Waldorf School for 2,5 years as isiXhosa language teacher

Now I am at Zenzeleni School in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

It is another privilege to teach children who speak isiXhosa at home as it is their mother tongue. Zenzeleni is such a beautiful school striving for the best in all areas.

Lulama Mtuzula - Class 4

I am Lulama Mtuzula and I am 41 years old. I was born and raised in Butterworth. I have worked at Zenzeleni for 18 years now. Having spent these years at Zenzeleni I have had an opportunity to participate in the development of it. A lot has happened and there are lots of improvements in the school community as a whole.

Busi Vimbi - Class 2

My name is Busi Vimbi. I am a qualified Waldorf trained teacher. Teaching is very close to my heart, so is my work with this future generation.

After having taught my last class from grade 3 to grade 7, I have taken a new group of learners from class 1. 

Nobuhle Mbatani - Class 3

I am a teacher here at Zenzeleni since 2005. I have done several cycles of teaching. I also did a training in art process work (bridging polaries through art) and did the Hero Book training. It has been a great experience and it has been useful in teaching artistic activities in class. The children are enjoying these artistic lessons, clay modelling, painting, crafts, drawing and music. Soccer is also one of the sport that learners enjoy so much.

Zukisani Festile - Class 5

I am Zukisani Festile and I teach at Zenzeleni School.

My class and I understand each other and we enjoy each other\'s company. THere are challenges sometimes, but we work through them with parents involved sometimes. I love Waldorf teaching very much. I enjoy teaching generally, but especially Maths, English and History.

Yoliswa Mashiyi - Class 6

I am Yoliswa Mashiyi and I am 40 years old. I have been a class teacher at Zenzeleni School for many years but I also worked as the handwork teacher here. I am so happy to be in a Waldorf school. I enjoy myself.

Aminta Mangcola Dakada – Class 7

I am Aminta Mangcola Dakada, youngest teacher of Zenzeleni School for Creative Education. I went to McGregor Waldorf School. I started being a teacher here at Zenzeleni in January 2016 as a class 4 teacher. I enjoy singing and playing drums with my class. In my spare time I read novels.